Jett Bentley vs Ethan Andrews

Jett Bentley vs Ethan Andrews



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Wrestlers:  Jett Bentley | Ethan Andrews
Catalog: Catalog 6

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Get ready for an AWESOME match! Ever since Jett Bentley got schooled by Ethan Andrews in their Making the Team match in Catalog 2, he’s been anxiously awaiting a chance for a rematch. If you think Jett is going to be a pushover in this match like he was in their first encounter, you’re sadly mistaken. The gym freak has made tremendous gains and progress in the ring since that punishment. And, he’s also made huge gainz with his fantastic physique. His biceps are bigger, his chest is bigger, his legs are bigger, and his ripped abs look even more amazing! This time around the match is very even between these two warriors. There’s give and take throughout the match with each wrestler gaining complete control of their foe, and enjoying every minute of it. But before the action starts, Jett challenges the punisher to a pose off knowing he’ll win that contest all day long. But Ethan doesn’t back down and tells him it’s not just about the muscles when you’re in the ring, it’s also about the skill. Jett’s bigger muscles, better body, and newfound wrestling skills all combine to control and dominate Ethan in the first round controlling all of the action with tight chokeholds and a rib crushing bearhug sequence. But in round 2 Ethan delivers a pulverizing ab bashing to the gym freak’s prized six-pack you have to see to believe! This evens the score! In round 3 a confident Jett tells Ethan he’s going to make him kiss his ass, and he does just that! Wow! We all know how Ethan loves dishing out the punishment, but in this match is he the one who has to take it? This 30-minute feud has it all; sweat-soaked muscles, incredible action, and their manhood on the line which all lead up to a climactic ending with a surprising finish!

*This match is from our Gold Label Custom Match Series, many thanks to our customer who ordered this mind-blowing match.


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