Jett Bentley vs Rex Bedford

Jett Bentley vs Rex Bedford



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Wrestlers:  Rex Bedford | Jett Bentley
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Rex Bedford is wearing the belt and knows he’s going to put his King of the Ring title on the line in this match. But what he doesn’t know is who is the opponent. He’s thinking it may be Ethan or Dash or even Chase. But when he walks out of the locker room and into the ring area he’s surprised and somewhat perplexed to see it’s Jett Bentley. Rex climbs through the ropes and starts questioning the musclegod why he’s here for a KOTR match. Jett explains he’s bigger and better than ever, his body is a fine-tuned machine, and It doesn’t matter what his record is he’s confident and ready to win this title bout. For the record, in his last match, Jett narrowly lost against Dash in their Flex City match and Rex was barely able to avoid the ultimate upset when he bested the sensational new rookie Cody. The two muscle studs exchange a little banter as they circle and size one another up, Rex in his signature red trunks and black boots, and Jett in his signature green trunks and white boots. Jett isn’t joking today, he scores first with a suplex on the champ then immediately locks on a head scissors and armbar combo. And then for good measure, he shoves his boot into Rex’s crotch demonstrating he’s going to do whatever it takes to claim that belt today! Rex is able to gain his composure and take control, relying on his cage fighting skills. You know by the early action this is going to be an all-out street fight, no holds barred for the belt! Before it’s all over, this match goes totally wild with a little help from a friend! And what you see has NEVER been seen before!


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