Blake Starr vs Jett Bentley


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Wrestlers: Blake Starr | Jett Bentley 
Catalog: Catalog 9
Match: 0906


Today the 88W gym is buzzing with excitement in anticipation of the rematch between two spectacular swole wrestlers! Blake Starr is 5’11” with 160 lbs of fine-tuned, ripped lean muscle which he maintains year-round. Jett Bentley on the other hand offers a little more bulk on his 6’ 185 lbs frame with massive muscles and shredz. Both of these sexy hot bodies are the essence of aesthetics and are really fun to watch in the ring. Earlier this year in Catalog 8, these two studs faced off in a Battle of the Bods match that went the full 3 rounds and ended with Jett flexing his sweaty muscles in victory. Ever since that time Blake has been asking for a rematch and today he gets his wish. Blake is anxious and arrives early in the ring, warming up and stretching his mouth-watering muscles. Jett seems very confident as he casually enters the gym while checking his text messages. Blake hollers ‘I thought you were going to wimp out’ and Jett nonchalantly answers ‘Nope I’m here’. Before the action begins Blake suggests some stakes for this match and Jett says ‘Let’s do it!’ This match has everything you could ask for; pec claws. ab claws, over-the-knee backbreakers, crucifix, spladles, inverted headlocks, camel clutches, full nelsons, leg scissors, heart punch, and a whole lot of sweat soaked muscle flexing and showing off! For the first half of this faceoff, the momentum and control go back and forth until one of these ripped muscleboys takes over and dominates his opponent the rest of the way. Can the sly muscleboy Blake gain sweet revenge or will Jett foil his master plan into a sour ending? A tremendous 34-minute match to celebrate the year!

* This match is from our Gold Label Custom Match Series, many thanks to our customer who created this spectacular rematch between two of the most admired hot bodies in the business!

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