Tito Santos vs Austin Cooper

Tito Santos vs Austin Cooper



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Wrestlers:  Tito Santos | Austin Cooper
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In this semi-final match to crown 88W’s first King of the Ring, we find a struggle between a solidly built rising rookie and a brawny seasoned veteran. This contest provides intrigue and insight into if this new federation is going to be taken over by the next generation of superstar wrestlers like Tito Santos, or will it be defended by the crafty, skilled, time-honored wrestlers that have proven their value to the sport like Austin Cooper? Tito, aka Mr Biceps, arrived at this point by disposing of lean muscled, fellow rookie Evan in their preliminary match. On the other side, Austin was seeded into the semi-finals of the tournament by virtue of his past accomplishments. After both finish their pre-match interviews they get themselves ready for battle. Neither one of these guys is shy about showing off their muscular hot bodies, so it’s no surprise a flexing muscle pose off starts when they step into the ring. Mr Biceps proudly shows off his guns while Coop goes after him with trash talking and mind games. The action is off to a quick start with Austin tossing his smaller opponent around the ring, benefiting from his bigger size. Tito counters with his amateur wrestling skills and muscle of his own. He shows Coop who’s boss as he rides him in a camel clutch while flexing his hard bulging bicep. You would think this would be an easy contest for Coop, but the match goes a full 3 rounds. Does Mr Biceps Bang and advance to the Finals?

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