Matt Miller vs Ethan Andrews


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Wrestlers: Matt Miller |  Ethan Andrews
Catalog: Catalog 5
Match: 0503


Ethan Andrews‘ been on the warpath since losing the King of the Ring belt to his arch nemesis Rex. Soon after that match, he took his anger out by punishing and pulverizing Tanner’s bodybuilder muscles in a ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ match. Poor Tanner couldn’t work out for more than a week after the beating his body took in that match! In today’s match, Ethan steps into the ring with 88W’s newest wrestler. Matt Miller is the popular school jock; he excels at every sport he plays, has a nice overall aesthetic look, and confidence oozing from every pore. I’m sure you had one in your school. You know the guy, he was the guy you either loved or loathed. As it turns out, Matt also brings years of amateur wrestling experience into the ring and he ain’t afraid of anybody. Ethan starts with a little trash talk and explains to the rookie who he is and why he’s here, but that doesn’t trouble Matt. He barks right back questioning the superstar’s age! Of course that doesn’t sit well with Ethan and he secures the early control and scores with a gut buster that swiftly gets the jock’s attention. The punisher then locks on a tight camel clutch and flexes his impressive 14 ½ inch bicep for the camera. Matt’s able to survive the early onslaught and turns the tables by clamping his own camel clutch on Ethan and flexing his own peaked muscle. The school jock shows he’s able to stand up to and hold his own as the action swings back and forth. This is one supercharged match that ends with a wet finish and the loser not knowing what just hit him! You’ll want to see this one!

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