Jett Bentley vs Blake Starr


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Wrestlers: Jett Bentley | Blake Starr
Catalog: Catalog 8
Match: 0801


Wow! What a match-up! This is the match a lot of you have been asking for and anticipating! How many times do you get the chance to watch an absolutely stunning fitness model wrestler throw down with another stunning fitness model wrestler in the same ring? Not many! Both of these wrestlers have crafted incredible aesthetic physiques, Jett Bentley having the size advantage and Blake stays shredded year-round. No real bad blood between these two, but Jett wants to make sure the newbie Blake Starr won’t pass him by on the 88W roster. Both guys look serious and prepared in their corners before circling at the center of the ring. Jett tells Blake he’s going to get rolled today, and Blake answers back saying I’ll rock your world brother! The bigger Jett scores first with a powerful scoop slam that rumbles Blake’s ripped bod on the mat floor. The gym freak then scissors his long legs around the sly Blake’s chest and locks on a painful armbar. Jett continues to control Blake’s muscles with a single-leg takedown, a flying leg drop, and full nelson. But Blake is no pushover and reverses the gym freak, forcing him to the mat, stretching him out, then straddles his chest. The arousing back and forth action continues for the full three rounds with both hot bods stretching, twisting, and contorting each other’s sexy physiques, limbs, and muscles in ways rarely seen. With the sweat glistening off their bodies, three straight flying knee drops to the gut spells doom for one of these guys. Which magnificent stud is going to get rolled, and who is going to rise in victory?

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