Blake Starr vs Chase Lundquist

Blake Starr vs Chase Lundquist



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Wrestlers: Blake Starr | Chase Lundquist
Catalog: Catalog 8

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This battle for the best abs was inevitable. When Chase Lundquist first burst onto the underground wrestling scene he chose 88W to unveil his incredibly aesthetic physique and his thirst to conquer any opponent in his way. He’s been dedicated to investing his time, sweat, and energy into sculpting the ultimate fitness body, one that you can look at and rub your hands over all day long. It’s ripped, rock hard, and amazingly appealing. He’s especially proud of his chiseled, shredded abs and isn’t shy when showing them off. His opponent today in this 88W Original Series ABSolute Destruction match is another wrestler with outstanding abs. Blake Starr recently joined the 88W roster with his lean, ripped, and equally aesthetic body wanting to take on the better competition on the scene. Today’s his chance to work his way up another level of the star-studded roster. It’s not a surprise that both of these hunks have previously appeared in an ABSolute Destruction matches with their shredded six-packs and hot bods, but it is somewhat of a surprise that they both unfortunately faced the same opponent in Ethan Andrews. In Catalog 2 Chase and his mouth-watering abs were destroyed by Ethan who has made a career of pounding and punishing muscleboy’s abs, and Chase was just another in a long line of muscleboys to experience that punishment. And in Catalog 7, Blake stepped into the ring to also challenge the Punisher Ethan where he endured a long, nasty and painful attack on his prized abs. Ethan bragged at the start of that match he was going to own Blake’s prized abs and no doubt he delivered on that promise. Both wrestlers enter the ring and quickly begin bragging and showing off their super six-packs. As the intense action begins each stud is determined to have his hand raised at the end. Abs get clawed, punched, stretched, squeezed, and assaulted throughout all 3 phenomenal rounds. It’s a ferocious fight to the finish to decide who has the better, stronger, sexier abs!


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