Jake Mason vs Matt Miller

Jake Mason vs Matt Miller



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Wrestlers: Jake Mason |  Matt Miller
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Both of these young wrestlers joined the roster at the same time, and both of them are determined to make it to the top. They both went up against very experienced veterans in their debut match, with Jake Mason pulling off an astonishing upset over Zack while Matt Miller put up a gallant, fearless fight but in the end lost to a superior wrestler in Ethan. Jake’s style is reserved and steady, relying on his cool confidence and his ripped muscles to wear down his opponent and seize the right opening to finish him off. Matt isn’t afraid to step into the ring against anyone, he’s played plenty of competitive sports and loves getting in his opponents face and giving it his best shot. Today they both take aim at victory! As the match opens the rookies circle one another, each sizing up their opponent. Jake scores first with a quick double leg takedown. He hoists Matt over his shoulder then tosses him to the mat so he can stretch him out by riding him like a surfboard. But that doesn’t last long! Matt retaliates with his own surfboard on Jake and follows that up with a nasty camel clutch. Each teen hunk dishes out their own style of a beating during the course of this contest, Jake bends and stretches Matt like a Gumby, while Matt focuses on delivering a brutal ab bashing. This spirited rookie clash comes to a cruel ending when the loser suffers while screaming out a painful submission, and the winner flexing and posing his sweat-soaked bod proclaiming he’s the top jock today!


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