Ethan Andrews vs Luke Caruso

Ethan Andrews vs Luke Caruso



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Wrestlers: Ethan Andrews | Luke Caruso
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Frequently when worlds collide the outcome can be surreal. When one’s normal clashes with another one’s normal the outcome can be catastrophic. Today’s contest brings two very different worlds into one ring. Ethan Andrews has been in the world of underground and Indy pro wrestling for over 10 years, while his opponent Luke Caruso steps into the 88W ring with a few years of backyard wrestling experience. Ethan has spent countless hours polishing and perfecting his wrestling skills and arsenal of holds which has paid off by ascending him into the elite ranks of underground wrestling. Luke has gained his experience wrestling buddies in the backyard and at the beach during the hot summer days. Ethan’s style of wrestling is focused on technique, endurance, and an uncanny high pain threshold. Luke’s style is more unconventional and a rough and tumble approach. The only thing that these guys seem to have in common is their height and weight! At the start of round one, the backyard wrestler isn’t fazed one bit by his opponent! They circle each other as Ethan calls his opponent ‘fresh meat’ and Luke asserts ‘here I am!’ The punisher scores first with a standing headlock then forcing Luke to his knees. Ethan wraps his legs around the newbie’s waist and his arm around his neck for a tight chokehold. The backyard wrestler is able to reverse the control and locks up Ethan with the same hold. Luke shows an early sign of grit and sends a message that he’s not intimidated. He’s here to win! The rousing action is non-stop as Ethan impresses with a brilliant over the knee backbreaker, a wrenching bow and arrow, and a painful leg lock. While Luke battles back with an agonizing choke over the ropes, a punishing surfboard, and a harsh clothesline that floors the veteran. Which wrestler’s world will prevail, and which wrestler’s world will explode in this bizarre match?


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