Ethan Andrews vs Chad Daniels

Ethan Andrews vs Chad Daniels



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Wrestlers: Ethan Andrews | Chad Daniels
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Ethan Andrews is making his debut at 88W with one thought in mind, he’s intent on destroying anybody who’s in his way of a shot at the KOTR belt. He believes he’s due a title bout and isn’t shy about making that claim. In this match he enters the ring as the Prince of Darkness, ready to inflict pain, punishment, and bent on silencing his foe. His opponent Chad Daniels, also making his debut for 88W, is bigger by 20 pounds but doesn’t have the level of ring experience that Ethan’s amassed over the years. Soon after Ethan unmasks himself in the ring Chad chides him claiming he doesn’t know his name. But by the end of the match, Chad still may not know his name, but he sure in hell is going to remember what just happened to him. Ethan’s meaner than a junkyard dog and it will be at least a week before Chad recovers from this beating. This match isn’t a total squash, but it may as well be from the sight of all the red welts on the big blond from the 29 minutes of torture and torment he suffers. You won’t want to miss the last 60 seconds of this breathtaking match, it’s sure to make things very interesting around the 88th Street Gym in the coming months!

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