Ethan Andrews vs Alex Garcia

Ethan Andrews vs Alex Garcia



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Wrestlers: Ethan Andrews | Alex Garcia 
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This match is being billed as Built Rookie vs Dominant Veteran but it is also much more than that! It is strength vs skill, attack vs defense, and ego vs ego! Sultry Alex Garcia has burst onto the underground scene and is anxious to climb his way to the top. In his debut match, he was able to surprise Nick and pull off an epic upset. In his last match, he made it to the final round along with Ethan Andrews which led to a fateful face-off. Ethan has been dominating and chalking ups wins for the last 10+ years and guarantee he’s not going to allow this rookie to steal the spotlight. He hates to lose, and when he does he gets mad. Real mad! At the end of their Three’s A Crowd match both of these guys demanded a rematch. They both are eager to go one-on-one in a 2 out of 3 rounds to show who the biggest stud is on this roster. Both wrestlers look confident in their corners and both don’t waste any time getting down and dirty with the action. Ethan makes an early impression with a nasty spladle and Alex quickly is on the attack with ab bashings in not just one corner but in two corners. The frantic tone is set early as both studs open their bag of slick moves and dirty tricks that include; low blows, agonizing pec claws, crotch attacks, bearhugs, painful ab bashings, guillotines, boston crabs, ab stretching, a distressing crucifix, and a lot of sweaty muscle-flexing. Each of these guys has plenty at stake in this match! Can Alex pull off another upset statement match early in his career? Or will Ethan inflict too much dark punishment on the rookie and proclaim he’s the biggest stud?


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