Ethan Andrews & Jake Mason vs Tanner Hill & Matt Miller

Ethan Andrews & Jake Mason vs Tanner Hill & Matt Miller



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Wrestlers:  Ethan Andrews | Jake Mason
Tanner Hill | Matt Miller

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Earlier this week Ethan Andrews asked Jake Mason if he would be up for a training session on Saturday. Jake didn’t hesitate and jumped at the opportunity. You see Ethan’s seen some of Jake’s matches and thinks the kid has some good potential. The punisher is in the market for a tag team partner, especially after hearing a rumor going around that 88W might be crowning tag team champions at some point in the future, and Ethan’s starving for a belt! The guys meet up at the 88th Street Gym only to walk into a surprise, the spectacular bodybuilder Tanner Hill and the ultra-popular high school jock Matt Miller are busy pumping up their muscles in the ring. Of course, there’s some smack talk between the four studs, and what follows is no surprise. But quickly it becomes a surprise to Team Tanner/Matt! Ethan’s been looking forward to another encounter with Tanner, mostly because the fun he had owning and trashing the blond bodybuilder’s perfect muscles in their Orange is Not the New Black match. The punisher enjoyed every minute of that beatdown! Jake has also been looking for an opening to gain revenge on rival school jock Matt after he felt he was cheated out of a victory in their All American Clash match. This is the perfect situation for Team Ethan/Jake, and not so much for Team Tanner/Matt. Ethan begins round 1 against Tanner and instantly attacks the muscleboy’s perfect abs. Next Ethan and Jake score by double-teaming Tanner with a stretching surfboard as cries out for help. Matt flies into the ring and breaks it up, but will they be able to turn the tide on their foes? A lot of thrilling double-teaming leads up to an awesome Double Demon submission finisher that has two of these sexy studs screaming out their shaming submissions!


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