Dash Decker vs Ethan Andrews


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Wrestlers:  Dash Decker | Ethan Andrews 
Catalog: Catalog 4
Match: 0401


This grudge has been brewing forever, so who knows what to expect! Dash Decker heard the call outs from Ethan Andrews this summer and rants in one of his own call outs right before the match gets started. Both of these megastars have their site on the KOTR belt, and both know that the other is a major obstacle in climbing to the top of the mountain. Dash looks spectacular in red speedos and white boots, while Ethan’s hot bod shines in olive green speedos and black boots. As they circle the square in anticipation of what’s ahead, they engage in some friendly banter, both knowing each other so well they realize it’s going to take more than head games to win this bout. They lock up and the Destroyer takes the early control with a reverse headlock that exposes the Chosen One’s ripped abs for a ripe beating. Ethan continues with a stinging leg scissors around Dash’s head while sprinkling in a few MMA style holds. This makes the big guy mad and he resorts to a low blow to change the momentum.  Dash strategically moves to a power attack to maintain his control, suffocating Ethan with a relentless series of painful. As you watch these combatants sweat and struggle to gain the upper hand oddly enough there’s a twisted love story evolving that goes from bad blood to what could be a budding bromance?!  The must-see action started friendly but ends with both wrestlers employing dirty tactics and anything else that is needed to claim victory. In the biggest grudge match of the year, one warrior secures victory with a shocking submission hold that leaves his nemesis groveling on the mat while he proudly flexes in triumph.

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