Chase Lundquist vs Tanner Hill

Chase Lundquist vs Tanner Hill



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Wrestlers:  Chase Lundquist | Tanner Hill
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Nobody ever imagines tic-tac-toe as a contact sport. Until now! As tall, angular Chase Lundquist limbers up his ripped body in the ring, the shorter powerhouse Tanner Hill strides toward him with a cardboard contraption in hand. What the sign shows are 9 devastating and often humiliating pro wrestling maneuvers in the form of a tic-tac-toe board. Tanner explains that the first one to get three finishers in a row, either vertically or horizontally, would be declared the victor. While muscles gleam in the Florida heat and smack talk fills the gym, simple wrestling moves like arm bars and suplexes escalate into more crippling camel clutches, boston crabs, and strategically placed elbow drops. These further escalate into one of the high impact requirements to secure a valuable game board space. As these moves are achieved, colored Xs are placed on the board for the winner of each round. This ferocious battle continues until one of these 88Wrestling warriors completes the necessary three-in-a-row requisite. The winner celebrates by crumpling the game board over his fallen foe and flexing his sweat soaked muscles in triumph.

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