Chase Lundquist vs Ethan Andrews

Chase Lundquist vs Ethan Andrews



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Wrestlers: Chase Lundquist | Ethan Andrews
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This match is one we’ve all been looking forward to, and if you like seeing abs punished this is the match for you! Chase Lundquist with his model looks and flawless, stellar physique steps into the ring against the bad boy Ethan Andrews who’s recently packed on some muscle to go along with his reputation of destroying the hot bod pretty boys. Ethan salivates at the thought of getting the chance to bash and punish Chase’s prized perfect 6-pack, and putting Chase in the ring against him is like putting a plate of raw meat in front of a hungry Doberman Pinscher. The match begins with the underwear model not even knowing who the bad boy is, asking Ethan his name. This could be good, but this also could be bad for Chase. He unexpectedly takes charge of Ethan at the onset, controlling him with a full nelson, a rib-crunching standing wishbone, a stretching surfboard through the ropes, and simply outpowering him around the ring while he flexes in delight. But Ethan eventually shifts the momentum to his side with a high flying elbow then begins working on Chase’s luscious abs. As the match heats up the ab bashing and clawing is happening everywhere; in the ring, on the mat, in the ropes, and outside the ring as both guys flex their eye-popping muscles along the way. Each wrestler dishes out heavy ab punishment throughout the match, but only one is showing off his proud abs at the end. The winner flexes his mighty muscles in victory as the loser lays exhausted on the mat rubbing his sore battered abs. This is a must see match, and perhaps the best match to date at 88W!

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