Chad Daniels vs Rex Bedford

Chad Daniels vs Rex Bedford



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Wrestlers:  Chad Daniels | Rex Bedford 
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This match is much more than a big vs small match! This match evolves into a brutal bearhug battle and the winner is decided when he viciously squeezes 3 bearhug submissions from his opponent. Chad Daniels enters the match still sore from his encounter with The Prince of Darkness and after his wild 3-way ring action against Chase and Jett. He’s hungry for a win and is out to prove his worth on the roster. Rex Bedford has been an instant sensation and fan favorite since emerging at 88W with his vast combat sports skill set and a new sky-high confidence. He’s done well in his matches against the rookies but had his hands full with the established destroyer Ethan. He’s eager to cut this big blond bomber down to size as he sets his sights on more lofty goals! Rex takes control of the maverick early by besting him in a test of strength, then follows with; a hammering clothesline, a leg drop to the big boy’s abs, a painful camel clutch, and a stretching surfboard which has Chad crying out in pain. But Chad shows some real resilience and turns the tables on the smaller Rex. He slows down the speedy stud with a double leg takedown, tightly scissors his huge thighs around the stud’s trim waist, then for good measure he repays him with a bone-rattling clothesline of his own before capturing Rex in a back-breaking bearhug. If you like cruel and unusual bearhugs and a lot of hard muscle flexing you’re going to want to watch this thriller!

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