Sasha Savvin vs Tito Santos

Sasha Savvin vs Tito Santos



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Wrestlers:  Sasha Savvin | Tito Santos 
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What do you get when you put two teen studs that have a dispute in the ring together, you get teenage revenge! There’s a backstory to this match and it goes like this, Sasha Savvin and Tito Santos teamed up together a while back to take on Dash and Austin in a one-sided tag team match. That match has yet to be released but this match is a result of what did and what didn’t happen amongst the teens on the losing end. Tito was deeply disappointed from the loss and has since blamed it on the lack of effort from his tag team partner. Sasha believes he wasn’t the weak link in their team, and in fact it was Tito who let the team down in defeat. Both teen sensations requested this match be scheduled to settle their score! When Tito reaches the ring he sees his former tag team partner limbering up his aesthetic pleasing physique. Tito climbs through the ropes and the two teenagers immediately begin blaming one another for their tag team defeat. They circle in eagerness as both can’t wait any longer to prove their point. Tito takes control first with a double leg takedown, then some heavy stomps, before locking showoff Sasha in a tight, painful camel clutch. The heated wrestling action takes many dramatic ebbs and flows throughout one long rousing round as both take out their frustrations. The showoff is in prime form with his non-stop chatter and accusations, while the latin sensation’s teen muscles pop while he’s dishing out a beating. Which teen marvel extracts ultimate revenge and proclaims he’s the alpha male in this ring!

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