Ethan Andrews vs Dash Decker

Ethan Andrews vs Dash Decker



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Wrestlers:  Ethan Andrews | Dash Decker
Catalog: Catalog 7

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This rivalry has taken some weird twists and turns since their first match-up in what was billed as a Grudge Match in Catalog 4. That match may have started as a grudge but it sure didn’t end that way. What once was a grudge has morphed into a budding bizarre bromance. Each of these athletes takes pride in their skills and strength, and both have the mentality that they are never going to lose when they step into a ring. Guess that’s what makes this one of the hottest rivalries in underground wrestling today! Ethan Andrews has been looking forward to this day for a while now, but when he arrives at the restaurant expecting his ‘date night’ he instead becomes steaming mad! Dash Decker is a no show! Ethan heads over to the gym to find out what happened. Dash claims he has other ideas, and before you know it Ethan changes into his gear and enters the ring to release some steam. The bromance boys lock up and Dash quickly delivers a bitch slap that stings Ethan. Symbolic or coincidence? Unfortunately for Dash it only escalates Ethan’s temper to another level. For the next 8 minutes, Ethan rips his big boy apart, muscle by muscle and limb by limb. He tosses him around the ring at will before forcing Dash into a nasty painful submission, proving to Dash who’s the bitch now! As the 1974 hit song from Grand Funk Railroad goes, for these two studs perhaps it’s a bad time for being in this bromance? During this 31 minute story, will the Punisher continue the torture and domination the rest of the way, or can the Chosen One dig deep to avoid that promised ‘date night’?

*This match is from our Gold Label Custom Match Series, countless thanks to our customer who created this steamy sexy match that continues this budding bromance saga.


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